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We now offer an extensive variety of plastic fasteners, plastic fittings (including schedule 40 and 80 PVC fittings), plastic valves and plastic pipe hangers, as well as flexible hose and tubing, flow control instruments and metal strapping products.

In the "good ol' days", the main role of wholesale distributors such as ourselves was to source new products for their customers and to offer them competitive prices thanks to high volume buying power.

With the flow of computer age information, sourcing and finding better prices can now easily be done by most end users.

Despite these fast paced times, plastic part manufacturers still need to rationalize the cost of each run. When an item is out of stock, they will only resume production when sufficient backorder volumes have been reached. This might entail lead times of sometimes up to 6 weeks, a delay which very few OEMs can afford in these days of JIT delivery.

We at AIMS believe our main role is to ensure that the right parts are available at any time to our customers. AIMS tailors its inventory to their needs by permanently keeping a minimum stock level for each part, based on their estimated annual requirement. Our inventory comprises a special section of "reserved" items, earmarked for our current customers. Although we welcome new business, our policy is to never reallocate reserved products. We would rather lose a new sale than fail an established customer!

Our AIMS are: competitive prices and dependable service.

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Our product line is continually expanding. We invite you to register for our newsletter if you wish to be kept up to date on our newest lines. We also invite you to request samples and quotes on any of the products we offer. For fastest and best prices, please indicate part number and estimated annual volume for each item.

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