Super Strong Dupont Nylon 66!
Non-Conductive • Non-Corrosive

AIMS is proud to introduce the revolutionary FLEXI-CLAMP™, the world's first plastic worm drive hose clamp. Made of strong nylon 66, the FLEXI-CLAMP™ combines the versatility of the worm drive design with the advantages of safer and more competitive non-corrosive plastic material.

FLEXI-CLAMP™ Advantages
Ease of fitting. FLEXI-CLAMP™ has an independent worm drive that rotates freely within the collar for faster fitting.

Withstands extreme temperatures. Dupont Nylon 66 is internationally respected for working from -40°C to 150°C.

Will not rust or corrode. Unlike metal clamps FLEXI-CLAMP™ will last longer in high corrosive applications. E.g. seaside, pool pumps, etc.

Non-conductive. FLEXI-CLAMP™ is safer to use in electrical applications.

Ideal uses for FLEXI-CLAMP™
Automotive. Can be used for any hose under the car hood - handy for camping, 4WD and mobile mechanics.

Marine. Avoid being caught out at sea - keep a packet of FLEXICLAMPS™ on board so you have the flexibility of one size fitting most hoses.

Irrigation. FLEXI-CLAMP™ helps you conserve water by reducing leaks. It applies uniform pressure around the thin wall sections of flat hose.

Plant machinery. So many uses in industrial equipment, food machinery, agricultural machinery. A farmer’s best friend for the tool box.

How to use FLEXI-CLAMP™
Place the tail of the band around the hose. Insert the end through the square collar and pull the band until the clamp surrounds the hose snugly. Insert the worm drive into the collar and tighten with the hex tool - it will start to pull the FLEXI-CLAMP™ tight once the worm is fully home in the collar.

fits hose sizes from
(5/8- 3 1/2 inches) &
(1 1/2 - 5 1/2 inches)





has been tested to
withstand 3.5 times
more pressure than
in an automotive
radiator. An ideal
clamp for use under
the car and truck hood.

Used in • automotive • marine • mining • general industry • irrigation • farm equipment • plant machinery



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